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December 27, 2009

I don’t care what religion you come from or where you grew up, there is something about the holidays that makes most people take inventory. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or others, I think we all like to head into the new year with a fresh pair of eyes in an effort to make the most of it. Enter, Operation NICE, which is a blog about everyday niceties that most people take for granted. It’s such a simple but lovely concept perfect for the last “simple Sunday” of the decade. And, while, I know I will have days where I forget the impact these simple acts can have on people, the writer’s reminders are so relevant to me during this time of year when we are all trying our darndest to start fresh. I highly recommend getting your dose of warm and fuzzy from this blog when you have a moment. And, if you don’t have the time to get over to her blog, some of her readers put together this list of very simple acts that you can do to make someone’s day a little better and brighter:

# Give at least one sincere compliment a day and it doesn’t have to be much. Tell someone they have a nice smile, or you like their shoes or you envy their patience. If you look for it, you can find something positive to say about anyone.

# If you buy something from a vending machine, leave the change in the change thingy for the next person. It’s funny how someone finding an unexpected quarter makes their day.

# Make a bunch of small little notes that have positive messages like “Have a nice day!” or “Someone loves you” and hide them around a public area for random strangers to find. This is a good project for those who have kids.

# Overtip your waitress.

# Give an extra $5 when you pay for something (retail, fast food restaurant) and ask that they apply it to the next person in line.

# If you pack lunches for your loved one, stick a small note telling them to have a great day. Similarly, hide small love letters in your significant others pockets/bags/jackets.

# Clear the snow off a neighbor’s car after a big snowfall.

# When you see a mom with a stroller going into a building – hold the door for her. She’ll appreciate it more than you’ll know!

# Send a random e-Card to someone you haven’t talked to in a while for no special reason.

# Put an extra nickel, dime or quarter in a parking meter for someone.

# Leave flowers anonymously at a neighbors’, May Day style.

# Make eye contact with people and smile.

# Wave when someone lets you merge on the road.

# Let someone who has five items at the grocery store go in front of you and your cart full of items.

# Pay the toll of the car driving behind you.

# Holiday season is a great time to recognize people who are underappreciated…leave some homemade goodies in your mailbox with a thank you note for your postal carrier.

# Buy a current bestseller and donate it to the local library.

# Give blood to the Red Cross.

# When a waitress or other service person has been exceptional, let their manager know.

# If you take walks around the neighborhood, bring along a bag and pick up trash as you go.

# During the holidays, bring some hot chocolate or coffee to the bell ringers who are standing outside in cold weather.

# Thank a co-worker or employee out of the blue for there hard work.

# Let someone turn left when the light turns green because there is a long line of traffic behind you.

# Give a child’s old toys to a shelter every holiday season instead of trashing them.

# Buy a homeless person some water on a hot day.

# Let someone pregnant or older sit in your seat when none are available.

# Thank your spouse, significant other, roommate, mom, etc. whenever they prepare a meal for you. It shows great appreciation.

# When making dinner, double the recipe and deliver dinner to a neighbor.

# Offer your mail carrier, trash man or anyone else working out side on a hot day a bottle of water.

# When someone you come in contact with is doing a good job, tell them

Oh, and just in case some of you were looking forward to your Sunday snippet, here is my wish for all of you in the new year:

“Health, wealth & love. And, the time to enjoy them…”

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