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March 26, 2010
Both of our parents are remarried. What is the appropriate way to acknowledge our step parents in the wedding day?

The answer to this typically depends on how long your step parents have been in the picture as well as how close you are to said step mother or father. If they have been in the family a significant amount of time and/or you feel particularly close to the step parent they can be acknowledged on the invitation, during the ceremony processional as well as with a personal flower (corsage, boutonniere, etc.) on the wedding day. And, truth be told, if you want to save yourself a lot of drama, you should consider incorporating them into all of these things even if they haven’t been in the picture a long time or if you aren’t particularly close to them. However, if it just doesn’t feel appropriate, the minimum you should do out of respect for your parent, is to acknowledge their new spouse with a personal flower at the ceremony. Depending on how sensitive of situation you are dealing with, this should appease all involved, but if it doesn’t and having your stepmother escorted down the aisle will make everyone happy, I would highly recommend just allowing it. There will be bigger battles to be had and this is one way to keep everyone at peace on your wedding day.

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