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September 18, 2014



I’ve always been a fan of wall art. It almost makes me feel like my room is ‘unfinished’ if I have too many blank walls. The problem is, I have such a hard time choosing the right art piece for my space – the whole process just seems so daunting.

Thanks goodness for my friend, Talenia Phua Gajardo – Founder and Director of The Artling: she has put together a few things to consider for choosing that perfect piece for your home.

1. It’s Emotional:
 Go for what makes you feel good. You’ll have to look at the same piece for a while within your living environment, so it has to be something that grows on you with time.
2. Research:
Look up the artist, find out where they’ve shown, who else collects them, which galleries they’ve worked with, and what they are trying to say with their work. It’s not just about the decoration, you’re also supporting an artists’ career!
3. Budget:
It helps to have a set budget to narrow down the options – there is so much amazing work out there.
4. Planning for Space & Lighting:
Figure out where the work is going and how the lighting in that area is, so that once the piece arrives, it can go straight up and be installed.
5. Be decisive:
While impulsiveness is never a good thing, don’t wait too long if you feel strongly about a piece… otherwise someone else may beat you to it!
6. Be bold:
Explore Sculpture and Media. There are many options besides flat works that could be fantastic additions to your collection. Case in point, This is Kohei Nawa’s ‘Pix-cell Deer’ – one of my favorite wall pieces.
Yabu-Pushelberg-Perry-Street-Apartment-NY-photo-Richard-Powers-yatzer-12To learn more about The Artling, click here.
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x, Jody

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