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February 12, 2019


I adore everything about weddings, the design, the vows, the love in the air, but my absolute favorite is seeing how couples incorporate themselves and show their wedding personality. Couples are always finding personal touches and creative ways to personalize their wedding and a great way to do this is through the wedding cocktails. Whether it’s by choosing the perfect glassware, creating a tasting experience or simply greeting guests with a refreshing beverage as they arrive to the ceremony, there’s not a shortage of ways to get creative when it comes to cocktails. Here are just a few simple ways you can do the same:


Whether you choose vintage hand etched champagne coupes for a French-inspired celebration or a flute for a more timeless affair, your glassware can add to the design of your wedding. Take it a step farther by adding a beautiful bloom, fun drink stirrer and even going so far as to think about the tray those pretty drinks are being served on.

Image by Caroline Tran of Steve and Hannah’s Ojai Celebration


Depending on where in the world you’re hosting your wedding day, let the region inspire your cocktail of choice. Guests love to sip on Bellinis in Italy, Rum Punch in the Caribbean and Mint Juleps when in the south. Even if they’re simple beer and wine drinkers, just about every guest enjoys tasting a drink that is local to the region.

Image from Olivia and Freddy’s Sardinian Welcome Party as captured by Lauren Ross


Whether it’s a Whiskey, Bourbon, or Mezcal tasting, guest enjoy an interactive experience. Take it to the next level by having an expert behind the table to lead the tasting. This will automatically add to the guest experience by providing a bit of educational fun to the celebration.

Image of the most gorgeous Mezcal tasting from Adam and Lana’s Mexico City Wedding as captured by Steve Steinhardt

A welcome drink before the ceremony is a sweet surprise for any guest. Treating each guest to a drink beforehand sets a celebratory tone for what’s to come. This is especially perfect on a hot summer day while the guests wait for the festivities to begin.

Image by Steve Steinhardt from Sarah and Matt’s sweet Connecticut wedding.


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