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January 31, 2018
Lofts, barns, museums or even garages can all be great locations for your wedding site. They offer a very unique atmosphere and aesthetic and can already have built in design for your day.

You might find a nontraditional venue, perfect for you, if:

1. You have a very distinct style and would rather have the venue communicate this style rather than try to transform a ballroom or private estate to fit your vision.

2. You like the idea of giving your guests a completely new experience. Many of the nontraditional spaces are not as overused as other more traditional venues and your wedding may be the first time anyone has ever seen a wedding like yours.

3. You want to be creative and the venue will allow you to do so throughout every detail of the wedding. For example, if you are in a loft for your wedding, you might find a really posh cocktail party would be a better flow for the evening. Or, if you are in a barn for the night, you might embrace the feel by playing horseshoes at cocktail hour or having a lounge area created out of hay bales.

We guest-blogged a PERFECT example of using a nontraditional wedding space on Style Me Pretty way back when. Check it out!

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