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January 9, 2019

As the newest member of team BHE, I’m beyond excited about everything on the production and planning side of the amazing events we’re fortunate to create every day. BUT, there is one detail in particular that makes me the happiest: Stationery!

As one of the first details your guests will see, stationery sets the tone for your wedding. With Save the Dates, there’s always a bit more room for fun and personal details while invitations are the perfect place to showcase your personality along with the formality of the event. With so much room for customization from the ribbon used to tie it all together to the wax seal to finish it off, stationery allows for a ton of room to charm your guests. Below are just some of my favorite suites we’ve created along with a few tips to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Look for inspiration in details of the region you’re planning like was done for Jessica and Chetan‘s wedding. The die cut envelopes, multi layered invitation bound with silk ribbon and the wax medallion to seal the envelope, prepared guests perfectly for what they could expect at this Paris wedding.
steve steinhardt 3
Photography: Steve Steinhardt // Stationery Design: Ceci New York

Envelope Liners can be a great place to include a textile or pattern that will be represented throughout the wedding. We loved the water color lemon artwork and black and white striped detail on this invitation suite created for Alison & Ryan which prepared guests for a playful and preppy weekend in Palm Springs.

Photography: Steve Steinhardt

We love incorporating custom artwork into the invitation suites. It can be used on obvious elements such as a map or as a motif to carry through the design, or you can also have a custom piece of art created for guests to keep as a token from the wedding weekend, like we did for Hannah and Steve‘s Ojai Wedding.

caroline tran
Photography: Caroline Tran

Don’t be afraid to play with various sizes on your stationery. Below, we included a mini insert with top secret information finished off with the tiniest wax seal one ever did see. Guest’s didn’t stop talking about this sweet surprise.

Photography: Lauren and Abby

We often use stationery to inspire many other elements throughout the wedding weekend such as welcome gifting like we did for Sydney & Ray‘s Ojai wedding. Our favorite touch was a custom artwork designed after their two pups.

Photography: Steve Steinhardt

Explore splatters, textures, unique mediums such as leather and lucite as well as other elements typically found in the art world like Sammie and Ryan did for their edgy and creative suite.

Photography: Lauren and Abby Ross // Stationery Design: Bliss & Bone

Top Image // Photography: Jose Villa from Samira & Lauren’s Wedding in Palm Springs