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Gotta love Photobooths…

July 21, 2008

Okay, I’m the first to admit there is nothing new about photobooths at your event, but there’s a reason for that…they are fabulous! No matter the type of event or the age range, I have rarely seen a photobooth be any less than a huge success. Kids love them because, well, they can be super silly and of course, they are just an all around good time, and adults love them even more because of the nostalgia and again, they are just an all around good time. Here are some photos from my latest events where we set up either makeshift photobooths or rented the real thing. I highly recommend this little activity for your next shower, backyard BBQ or even gala. You won’t be disappointed. And for a little bit of extra flair, don’t forget the props…

Photography by Ventana Photography

Photography by Imij Foto

For a DIY photobooth find a sheet or other large piece of material to use as a backdrop and hang somewhere in your venue. Get your photographer’s opinion on the best location based on lighting and the timing the booth will open. The best approach is to hire a second shooter to cover the area for a few hours, but a camera with an automatic function can work too. If you can’t spend the extra funds on a second camera to stick around, you can also substitute this concept with the polaroid guestbook, but buy double the film you think you will need, because people love this little treat as well!

For the real, vintage, get 12 of your friends into the smallest space in the world, old-time photobooths, here are two of my favorites:

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