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May 2, 2011

I’m having my first melt down.  My dear friend Catalina Su is an amazing make-up artist who has painted the faces of celebrities like Britney Spears, Khloe Kardashian, Stephanie Pratt, all of the talent on E! News and (on special occasions) Jacey Duprie.  This being the most special occasion of my life, it was without a doubt that Lina would be doing my make-up. Until today, when she told me that she is a bridesmaid in another wedding on…wait for it…September 24th, my wedding day.
She promises that she will still be there to do my make-up in the morning, but will have someone else step in for touch ups.  I’m still mad, sad, angry and heartbroken not only because her hands won’t be the last to touch my face before I walk down the aisle, but also because she won’t get to witness Grant and I getting married.  She’ll miss the ceremony and to me that is the most upsetting part. Boo. That’s all I can say.
On a much lighter note, and until today’s news the original idea for today’s blog: Honeymoon Plans!
Grant and I met with our travel agent at Mansour Travel Agency this week to go over which hotels we will be staying at during our honeymoon.  It is so much fun looking at hotels online.  Or am I just a huge nerd?  Walking out of the meeting we had a mild panic attack about leaving the doggies for 18 days! That will be the longest we’ve been gone.  18 days is a really long time, but we figured that since neither of us has been to Asia, we should take full advantage of our time there. So, here’s the plan (stay with me):
Hong Kong – 3 nights
Hanoi, Vietnam – 1 night
Halong Bay, Vietnam – 1 night
Ho Chi Min, Vietnam – 2 nights
Bangkok, Thailand – 3 nights
Chiang Rai Elephant Camp, Thailand – 2 nights
(are we crazy yet?)
Bali – 6 nights (half on beach, half in jungle)
Phew! I think we’re going to need a vacation from our vacation when we get back.  Right after our meeting I hopped online and got to shopping for honeymoon outfits. Ok, so it’s still 5 months away but I got really excited and am determined to pack everything I need in my trusty Tumi carry-on.  I find that they key to packing for long vacations is to take pieces that can mix and match.  Here are some cute things that I thought would be perfect for a honeymoon trip:

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