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August 29, 2011

My goodness how time flies by! I feel like it was yesterday we were talking about how many people we wanted at the wedding and now we’re sitting down to go over seating charts. Yes, the dreaded seating chart. I have taken the liberty of going ahead and doing the entire thing on my own (ha). I suppose this weekend I’ll sit down with the fiancé and make sure he’s okay with everything (heehee). It’s really fun seeing the wedding floor plan and picturing who sits where. I like to imagine what their conversations will be, perhaps sparks will fly at the singles table or family friends will make new friendships. Either way the day is getting closer and closer and the butterflies are feeling stronger and stronger.

Last weekend my future mother in law & sister in law to be hosted a Wine Tasting weekend in Santa Ynez with all of my closest friends from LA. The minute the “party bus” pulled up and we realized it came equipped with a karaoke system I knew the day would be a blast and indeed it was. Upon our return my family and I headed to HollyFlora and SmogShoppe where we saw our gorgeous table and flower prototype. I would love to show you the entire thing but I suppose we should keep some things a surprise. However, I’ll give you a sneak peak at my bouquet proto type.

We have our monthly spa appointment tomorrow for facials and massages, only one more left before the big day. And next week I have my hair and make-up trial scheduled. The honeymoon plans have been finalized and we glanced over our registry one last time before things get too crazy. On top of all of my wedding month madness I’m headed to NY two weeks before the wedding for Fashion Week.  As crazy as it sounds, I’m looking forward to getting one last bolt of girl time before the big day. Plus, knowing that Beth and Susie are at the helm leaves me feeling stress free at this point. Tick, tock, tick, tock . . . Until next time . . .