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Real Life Bride: Week 11

January 31, 2011

Beth asked me to write this blog column in effort to give other brides (or bride’s to be) an honest insight into the planning process.  Honest insight:  This week I had the wedding blues.

Without giving too much detail and at the risk of hurting feelings, someone I asked to be a bridesmaid said “No.”  It’s a very hard thing to not take personally.  Dr. Trish was out of town this week so I google’d (I am a self-diagnoser via google) “Reasons to say no to being a bridesmaid.”  #1. Time; #2. Money; #3. Shyness; #4, You don’t feel it’s appropriate.   She went with #4.  The thing is, that if I ask someone to take part in the most important day of my life, I strongly feel that it is appropriate.

Okay, I’ll stop on that note.  What’s the only thing that can bring a girl out of the wedding blues!?? Shopping!!!! Well, not exactly shopping-shopping but the J.Crew bridesmaids trial dresses I ordered came in the mail a day later.  Grant was so sweet bringing up the big brown box labeled J.Crew because he knew it’d cheer me right up.

I immediately put on a bridesmaids dress fashion show for Grant.  He loved the navy blue color & likes the idea of letting the girls pick their own style.  Then I called my Mom to get her thoughts and I was elated to hear that she loves navy blue and likes the idea. Winner!  On top of that, Ashley (bridesmaid) came over that night to try them on and she loves them too.

I love Grant! He knows exactly how to pull me out of a slump.  Later in the week he suggested that we sit down with a bottle of wine and stamp the save-the-dates and double check the list.  Something he usually would not be thrilled doing; he didn’t complain once.  It felt like a scene from “Father Of The Bride” and I love those moments.  We had music playing, wine pouring… screeeeeech!!!!…….and 20 mistakes on addresses/spellings.

NOTE (and a very important one at that): As much as you dread doing it, sit down and go over your list together. Check spelling, addresses and triple check this before you write on the invites/save the dates.  Unfortunately, we had to order 35 extra save-the-dates and are now on hold until we can send them all out.


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