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Real Life Bride : Week 13

February 21, 2011

We’re roughly 7 months away from “I Do” and it feels like we’re about to enter the heart of wedding planning.  My mom flew in this week from TX for several meetings that Beth & Susie set up.  In one day we managed to do the following:  Inspiration Brunch Meeting, Cake Tasting, Rentals, Linens, Florist and Site Visit.  (Oh My!) We were in wedding mode all day from 10am to 6:30pm and in desperate need for a margarita. Later in the week we saw a blue grass band play (potential cocktail hour music), as well as ceremony musicians.

It was funny discovering which aspects of the wedding excite and do not excite me.  For instance, I wasn’t thrilled about picking out linens, but get me picking out silverware and glasses and it was as if I were picking out baby names. The cake tasting was tough because we asked my cousin, Kerry, to make our wedding cake (she’s a pastry chef) so we’re trying to figure out an easy way to include her as well as get all 150 of our guests fed.  Maybe we’ll have several cakes and she can make the one we cut in to? Not sure yet . . .

My mom did exceptionally well with us dragging her around all day, but I’m not going to lie that everything was peachy with her visit.  We took her to lunch where we are hoping to have our rehearsal dinner and where our guests would stay and she hated the venue/hotel.  Flat out, does not see our vision and thinks our guests won’t either (sigh).  A major let down, we ended the day fighting and have yet to touch base on this topic again.  Not sure how we’re going to settle this one.

Mom did love the blue grass band and we’re obsessed with the ceremony musicians we listened to.  At this point we’re just trying to figure out if we want the same band for both the ceremony and the cocktail hour, or if we’re going to hire 2 separate musical acts.

Beth has started sending over design boards, which really gets my heart going.  We literally have our save-the-dates by the front door waiting to be dropped off at the post office. It’s been rainy in LA and we didn’t want them getting wet so we’ll mail them out tomorrow – YAY!


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