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Real Life Bride : Week 14

February 28, 2011

Sound the horns, Grant and I have finally sent out our save-the-dates.  After making you listen to me talk about it over the past several weeks, I figured you would want to see them.

Laura Hooper did an amazing job on our calligraphy.  I think we can also acknowledge they wouldn’t be the same without the adorable picture that Lauren Ross took of us. We’re already getting so many compliments and not everyone has even received them yet.  You can see more of Laura’s lovely work at: and Lauren Ross photography at:

The week we are meeting with our videographer, LoveSpun.  We are also officially starting the major part of our pre-marital counseling courses, which of course my fiancé is not thrilled about.   Dr. T is going to give us each a questionnaire to fill out (separately) and then we’ll go over our answers.  The topics include where each of us stand on things like children, religion, finances, etc… and will give certain scenarios we can talk about. I think it sounds pretty awesome and Grant is “willing” to do it if it makes me happy.

I’ve been talking with Shannon (my MOH) a lot lately getting her bachelorette plans finalized and discussing her wedding that is roughly 4 months away.  It’s making me feel very nervous that all of these exciting events are happening a lot quicker than I’m ready for.  I really need to find time to sit down and think of all of the special things I want to do for my best friend for her wedding and as my Maid of Honor.  Shannon came up with a cute idea for both of us to wear matching shoes on our wedding day, which I loved.

Other than all of the above, I’m still combing through bridal magazines, blogs and movies always looking for inspiration and ideas.  I’m very stuck on my bridesmaid’s dresses right now. I can’t decide what color to go with. We were going to stick with the Navy blue Silk Taffeta from J.Crew, but I feel like everyone is doing that…and being an Aries I must be different – ha.  Then I think about doing a more neutral palette with a mix-match situation.  It’s very difficult.  But Beth is going to make a few vision boards for me that will hopefully help make up my mind.

Until Then . . .

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