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Real Life Bride : Week 17

March 21, 2011

Things that are on my mind this week:

Shoe Shopping: Not so much shoe shopping because I haven’t found beautiful heels that would work perfectly, but more so because it’s fun.

Bridesmaids Dresses: Mid-way there. Put an “end of April” deadline on ordering.

My Best Friends Wedding:  Shannon’s bachelorette party & shower is just around the corner.  Gifts purchased, games being planned etc…

Shedding for the Wedding: Signed up for the “Bridal Challenge” at Physique 57. Let go of trainer because I wasn’t feeling results. It was hard to do, but necessary. It’s not personal, it’s business…wedding business.

Honeymoon: Meeting is set with our travel agent to go over hotel options for the honeymoon.

Rehearsal Dinner: We are slowly starting to get back into planning our rehearsal dinner. At this point we could have a dinner in a parking lot with a taco truck for all I care – ha!

Wedding:  We had a meeting last week with Beth to go over vision boards.  I feel like an epiphany happened.  In the beginning, Grant didn’t really understand why I wanted to bring on a wedding coordinator.  He and I throw several parties a year and I must say we’re pretty good at it! I kept telling him to hang in there and he would “get it” at some point.  Last week, he got it.  Of course I walked out of the meeting holding my head at an all time “told you so” high.  It was very impressive.  Having someone who truly understands what you want your wedding to be like is so … wonderful.  A person who wants to day to be just as perfect as you do, and someone who will not argue over the venue choice, or your taste in flowers, etc… Seeing the vision boards, touching fabrics and walking through the day’s timeline really brought this whole idea to life.  As Grant and I left the meeting we were like little kids, giddy with excitement. I was SO excited that day that I asked Grant treat us to a special lunch at Olive Garden.  Yes, I. LOVE. Olive. Garden.  He hates it but since he was in such a good mood I snuck one in on him – ha! That’s true love! We munched on endless salad and breadsticks, chatting and smiling over the meeting and how our big day will play out start to finish.  Good meetings = Olive Garden = happy bride = happy groom.  And that folks, is my recipe for a happy wedding planning process – eat lots of Olive Garden (ha!)

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