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Real Life Bride : Week 18

March 28, 2011

I’ve always been a person who likes to celebrate.  I celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Anniversary’s, dog’s birthdays, champagne Thursdays . . . a holiday I made up in college to have an excuse to drink champagne on Thursdays. Why? Why Not?  Grant and I have a lot of special anniversary’s coming up, first of which we celebrated this week:  T-Minus 6 Months until our Wedding!

A few other holidays just around the corner:

April 2nd: Grant & I met 3 yrs ago

April 15th: Our 3 year Anniversary

April 17th: My birthday

April 24th: Grant proposed 1 year ago

May 4th: Grant’s Birthday

Instead of getting birthday gifts or anniversary presents, Grant and I agreed to invest some money into our home.  After I moved in a year ago, we think it’s important to incorporate my girlie touches into our home so it feels more like “us.”

Here’s a picture of us in the car, shopping for a new couch, chair and other fun stuff.

In pre-marital therapy news: I can’t stress enough how important I feel that pre-marital counseling is.  Dr. T has been helping us sort through some religion issues.   Funny enough, it didn’t occur to us until more recently that we have very opposing views on religion.  We have definitely talked about it in the past, and the topic was brought up when Sunday’s roll around one of us wants to go to church and the other doesn’t…  We have been talking about what type of ceremony we want to have… What type of traditional aspects we wish to include, the involvement of faith and comfort levels for both of us…How to raise children, etc… It has been so helpful having Dr. T mediate through these conversations. Amidst the romance of being engaged and planning our wedding it is very easy to push conflict and difficult conversations aside, such as our opposing views on religion. But, this is our reality, and that is why I am sharing this with you. We are different and we have different views on spirituality. But being different is one of the reasons we love each other.  I have learned to not try and change Grant, but to appreciate our differences.  At the end of the day (on September 24, 2011), I will be Grant’s wife and that is more important to me than anything else.  We are still trying to figure out what our ceremony will be like, but whatever we decide…it will be us.

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