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Real Life Bride : Week 19

April 4, 2011

It was a very exciting week.  I purchased my wedding shoes!!!  Since my dress will be ready for its first fitting at the end of April, I pulled the trigger on a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin’s.  My Mom gave the okay after saying “oh, they’re black!” Yes, they are black, but (without giving away too much) they will compliment at part of my wedding dress perfectly.
Dogs in weddings: A wedding “do” or “don’t.”  It’s no surprise to anyone that knows Grant and I that we are 100% obsessed with our 2 English Bulldogs:  William Potato McBacon & Polly Pringle Smalls.  It was a no brainer that they would both participate in our wedding day.  We love our dogs, they’re a part of our family, a part of us.  But after looking at blogs and websites that breach the topic, it has definitely raised some concern about having them walk the aisle.  
Cons:  Polly loves jumping. I have visions of her knocking over the older guests, getting dirt all over my wedding dress and/or having an “accident” at an inappropriate time.  Even if we have the dogs at the ceremony, they’ll have to be swept away immediately after.  We’ll have to hire a dog handler to “handle” them which makes me nervous because they usually only listen to Grant and I. English Bulldogs are also very sensitive to warm weather and in September I worry about them being outside for a long period of time. 
Pros: Having our babies there is so important to us because they make our family complete.  It’d give us both warm and fuzzy feelings having them watch “mom” and “dad” get married.  The pictures will be great to have too.  Also, almost all of our friends and family have met the pups and love them.  I feel that it will add a very personal touch to our wedding.
All concerns aside, we are still going to have Polly as our “flower pup” and William as the “ring bearer.” We vote “DO” for having your dogs participate in your wedding day and can’t wait to share more pictures once we’ve decided what cute outfits/flowers they will wear.

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