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Real Life Bride: Week 29

May 24, 2010

It’s commonly accepted that weddings and families can make for some interesting drama. So when your family is one of the vendors…well, that can be extra special! As everyone knows my sister is Laura of Laura Hooper Calligraphy. She is oh-so-graciously doing all of our print materials – design, print, assembly…everything. This is clearly quite generous of her, but nothing, even (or maybe especially?) things with family, goes without hiccups!

Laura gave me about five to seven initial design options, all similar but not quite the same – it really can be overwhelming! Of course having zero artistic ability or eye for design and what goes well together, I was completely lost in the many, many options. My mom, on the other hand, has lots of opinions and ideas so with her help and Laura’s (and Beth’s design expertise), we narrowed down the choices to a cohesive invitation suite – after about five drafts! This is way more than normal and had I not been Laura’s sister I am guessing I would have racked up a few hundred dollars worth of additional proof charges!

Anyway, we finally got it very close to approval, so after not seeing the invitations since about round two, I forwarded the final proof to our mom for one last proof-read. Oops! My mom had requested some time ago that my sister use a specific calligraphy script. I remember this happening but since I can’t tell the difference between most of them (don’t judge me!), I didn’t think much about it, but Laura made the artistic decision to stick with the original script that she thought worked. Personally I think all the scripts we’ve gone through are good, but I’m sure the Manhattan (requested script) is nice too, and I do want my mom to be happy!

In the end, Laura is making the switch and fortunately we have lots of time before the invites even need to go to print (everyone thinks I’m crazy for liking to do stuff in advance, but clearly I’m not!!). Thank you to my mom and sis for both caring so much about making everything juuuust right! I know day-of everyone will be so pleased with all the hard work.

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