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Real Life Bride: Week 3

November 23, 2009

Ryan and I had decided that we wanted to keep our wedding party small and thought just three people each would be perfect. So, this week was very exciting for me as I asked my three bridesmaids to be in my bridal party, and they all said “yes”! My sister had done a blog post a while back about this adorable company, Flour Pot Cookies, that makes incredible cookie designs. They have a bridal line that includes “will you be my bridesmaid” cookies – too cute! I knew I had to use them to ask my bridal party to be a part of this special day.
My sister was a given for my maid of honor, and my best friend Ashley and I have always known we’d be in each others’ weddings (hers is August 2010), so hearing from them “officially” after they got their cookies was fun, but the most special was getting the “yes” from my life-long friend who had no idea I’d be asking her to be in the wedding!

Melissa and I have known each other since we were two years old and grew up best friends. College and post-college life has separated us, but we still keep in touch and visit at the holidays and such. The past year she has been serving in the Army in Iraq (her second tour), but that hasn’t stopped us from weekly (and at times daily) online chats. When I told her Ryan and I had gotten engaged, she was over moon, sent an email with the most ALL CAPS and !!!!! I have ever seen, immediately alerted her entire family (who still live blocks from my parents) and even called me on the phone – all the way from Iraq!

I am so happy to have these three ladies standing up at the altar with me, and I hope they are as excited as I am!

This week was also a little sad, though, as Ryan left for Oklahoma for work for an entire month, but I’m just happy he will be home in time for Christmas! We got a lot of ground work laid out before he left, so we are very much in good shape with planning. My parents offered to host an engagement party for us in January, which we so appreciate, and we were able to select a date (that his parents can make it out from Texas for) and book a venue. I will be so nice to get our friends and family together for our first official celebration!

Planning status:
Engagement party – restaurant booked, invitation proofs complete (everything will of course be handled by Laura Hooper Calligraphy – lucky me!)
Bridal party – confirmed for bride’s side
Caterer – initial proposals received
Venue – contract in the mail

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