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Real Life Bride: Week 37

July 19, 2010

A few weeks ago when we went to LA and purchased our wedding bands, we also met with Beth to start going through the details of the wedding. As someone who likes to plan things in advance, it’s really important to me to have as much worked out before the month of the wedding as possible. This can be difficult when all of the vendors have multiple clients with weddings/events before yours! So Beth has kindly warned me of who we will be able to finalize things with in advance, and who we will have to wait until two weeks out to get the final details squared away.

During and since our meeting, though, we have been able to cross off quite a few things on our checklist:

– We decided on ceremony music and processional order.
– We created and sent to our moms for approval a must have photo shot list – there are a LOT of must-haves, but we don’t want to forget any family or friends!
– We decided on signage/printed materials for the reception and Laura even agreed to start working on it in advance! (We do still need to choose a printed program format and create all of the wording for that.)
– The invitations have been printed and my mom is working on the envelope lining.
– I sent Laura the final guest list for envelope addressing which in now underway.
– We’ve purchased a few items for the reception decor to fit in with the theme
– My mom found a dress that she likes AND ordered shoes!
– Ryan’s mom purchased her dress for the wedding as well.
– I purchased a dress for the rehearsal dinner (on sale, woohoo!).
– My mom came up with a cute idea for the guest book that she will be making herself!
– Beth worked on our timeline for the day and we decided that it will be best to rent a limo to transport the bridesmaids, my mom and myself, Ryan’s parents, the groomsmen, Ryan and my dad, and then his brothers’ wives and children all to the venue throughout the day for getting ready and photography.
So we are just moving along, happily checking things off the list!

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