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Real Life Bride : Week 4

December 13, 2010
Grant & I are pro pre-marital counseling and our therapist, Dr. T (for privacy) has told me that the #1 reasons why you fell in love with your spouse will most likely end up being the reasons that drive you mad.  A top reason I fell in love with Grant? He follows the rules.

We drove to Texas for Thanksgiving so Grant could meet the rest of my family.  We also had the chance to sit down with my parents (and my grandmother, “Meme”) to go over the guest list.  Grant had to do a bit of mediating in between it all. We were having a very hard time narrowing down whom to include from my deep Texas roots and came to the conclusion that we are going to have a “Post Wedding Celebration” in Texas so we can just invite everyone!  Is that weird?  I don’t know.

We stayed in Texas for a week and on the way home we hit some very heavy traffic just as we were both at our boiling points.  I suggested a short cut, which would cut us over the median (illegally).  What did Grant do?  He followed the rules.

Of course, Dr. T also says that we choose to marry someone who balances us out; someone who you can count on to pick up the slack for you in areas that are your weaknesses.  I tried remembering this as we sat in traffic for nearly 2 hours, but it all ended up being okay.   It gave us some time to talk about potential rehearsal dinner locations and other details.  I would have probably cut across the median, gotten a ticket resulting in a big fight and rehearsal venue conversations pushed. Good thing Grant “follows the rules” after all.

At the end of our drive we found ourselves singing along deliriously to Beatles tunes and I hope that if you ever take a road trip with your spouse-to-be that it ends just as well.

In Awesome News: We booked our honeymoon flights this week! We’re taking a less traditional trip and hitting up a part of the world neither of us have been to, and may not have the opportunity to return: We’re going to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and Bali. 

I’m sure you won’t find us nit picking over whether to illegally cross a median on this trip!

Photos: (left) Grant & I opening our first joint bank account. (right) Me having too much fun at William-Sonoma.

Tip for Couples:  Open an airline credit card to rack up points for your honeymoon flights!

Planning Status:
Honeymoon – BOOKED!
Joint Wedding Account: Opened
Registry: Check
Guest List: Finalized


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