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Real Life Bride: Week 49

October 11, 2010

We are down to the final two weeks and I simply can’t believe it! Things are coming together nicely and our families are so involved and eager to help out – it’s so great! I went out of town this weekend, and I was able to stop by my parents’ house and see everything for the wedding…and man there is a lot of stuff!

We have personalized cocktail napkins, the menus and programs are printed, my mom’s best friend cut all of the pieces of fabric for the napkin treatments and shipped them to us all the way from Georgia, our family friend Bonnie (who hosted one of my beautiful showers) put together a sample of the chocolates she is making for the favors (so cute!), my dad assembled all the directional signs my sister made, there were boxes of items that Ryan’s mom had shipped in from Texas for the tote bags, my parents’ neighbor assembled a box out of plywood for the cake to stand on…the list goes on and on. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that everyone wants to help out to make our wedding day the most special day of our lives.

{signs before they were assembled}

I sent over the list of names, tables and seating to Laura and Beth for the logistics and escort cards. Laura will be calligraphing each person’s name onto their menu also. I have a conference call with Beth this Tuesday to go over things and what’s left to do, but overall I’m feeling pretty good and know the whole weekend will be amazing. Just 14 days!

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