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Real Life Bride : Week 6

December 27, 2010

Due to the holiday, it’s been a  super duper slow week in wedding planning. So, I whipped out my inner fashion editor and put together a mini-inspiration board.  I’ve been printing out pictures and ripping out magazine pages since the day Grant proposed.  As a firm believer in inspiration boards, I highly encourage all the brides out there to do the same.  I thought I’d share a few things I have on my board:

1.    The Kitchen from “It’s Complicated” – I think the first day I saw Beth & Susie I said I wanted to plan my wedding around this kitchen.
2.    Pink Antique Roses – I get excited and feel like a little girl when I see these flowers.  Maybe they’ll be my bouquet?
3.    Dirt in a Jar – What?  Yes, Dirt in a jar.  We want our ceremony to be super personal so as an alternate option to the unity candle, we’re each brining soil from our “home.”  My soil will be dirt from our farm in Texas and Grant’s will be from LA, maybe sand? Or dirt from his Mom’s ranch.  We’ll combine the soil into one vase and use it to plant a tree in our backyard.
4.    J. Crew Bridesmaids Dress – I highly encourage the brides to go and try on dresses before you send your girls.
5.    Ban.Do Hair Fun – I’m thinking of clipping in some fun into my hair for our reception.
6.    Invitations – I’m such a strong advocate for adding creativity and uniqueness into wedding invitations.  I hope we can work with our calligrapher to come up with something extra special!
7.    Cotton – Farming has been in my family for over 100 years and I’m proud to be a farmer’s daughter. We’re hoping to incorporate a bit of cotton throughout the wedding festivities.

I hope that my mini-inspiration board gives you some inspiration of your own.  Take advantage of downtime this holiday season, whether you’re driving across country or flying high in the sky – grab those bridal magazines and get to work!!

Fa la la la laaaa…….

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