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Beyond aesthetically beautiful WEDDINGS & celebrations

We create well planned and produced events that not only tend to our client’s vision but also create a meaningful experience for every guest in attendance.

Our services are designed for clients who understand entertaining, when done with intention, is an art form. When you invest in us, we understand you could hire anyone you want and find it a great honor to be trusted to celebrate life’s greatest moments with you.


Many of our couples are subtle and refined. Others glamorous yet graceful. Others playful and creative. And others we would never attempt to define with a couple of adjectives. We’re inspired by each and every one of them.

While every wedding we create is intentionally intimate and effortlessly cohesive,

the end design and experience is as different as the couples we work with. Whether a multi-day destination wedding on the other side of the world, or something a lot closer to home, we look forward to collaborating with you on a personalized design ultimately creating an environment reflective of who you are as a couple.


Working with private individuals and exclusive brands, we work with our clients to understand the vision and experience they’re hoping to create for their celebration.

Designing every event with intention, we’ve been entrusted with every type of celebration from galas, dinner parties, launch events, movie screenings, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate retreats.

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Our Process

Our service, like our events, is approached with an obsessive attention to detail as we aspire to make the planning and design process as personal as the event we’re creating. Whether a five day wedding weekend in Italy or a backyard birthday party, we take pride in creating lifelong memories and believe every step of the process assists in doing so.


We collaborate with every client on highly personalized designs for their celebration with an emphasis on creating an environment that exudes intimacy no matter the aesthetic or guest count. Overall, the day will feel effortless rather than contrived in design, but behind the scenes every bloom, linen and even cocktail will be obsessed about to create a day that's reflective of the overall vision.


As much as we love a beautiful wedding, ultimately we believe in the art of hospitality and think celebrations are most successful when guests feel special, thought of and comfortable. We’ve found that if a guest is too cold, too hot, unable to get a second glass of wine in a timely manner or has to sit on an endless shuttle ride without entertainment, it can significantly impact their enjoyment and ability to stay present at any celebration. That said, guest experience design is one of our top priorities and taken into consideration every step of the way.


Concurrently with our design services, we will guide every client through the long lead planning items such as sourcing, booking and managing the best talent for the day from photography to entertainment to catering and more. Site visits, timelines, budgets, payment schedules and all of the logistical details will be thought out, reviewed and managed, preparing us for not only a beautiful celebration but a flawless one as well.


At every event we have a team to manage setup, flow and strike so our clients can sit back and be a guest throughout the entire experience. At the celebration, our team will be at the beck and call of our clients from the moment the first vendor arrives until every guest has left the celebration. We take care of everything from managing the load-in, flow, timelines and strike, as well as be there behind the scenes to resolve any issues that may arise.
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