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December 15, 2014

If you’re like me, you’re probably preparing for a house guest or two over the holiday season. Here’s just a peek at what I have waiting in my guest room when friends and family arrive:

House Guests

1. Fresh flowers. Both in their room and throughout the house. Even the simplest jar of flowers make every space more welcoming.

2. Hand selected books for their nightstand. Sometimes houseguests just need a little time to themselves. Including a book or two in their room not only is inviting, but hints to them that it’s okay to retire to your room for a read every now and then.

3. Mini toiletries. We all forget things. All the time. For me, I have a stash of hotel sized toiletries on hand including shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap and toothbrush, just in case. I like to also include a rubber ducky or some other cute bath toy for added charm.

4. Welcome gift of local snacks. I love my city and want my guests to be introduced to it properly. This being said, I always give a little basket of my favorite locally made snacks making sure to include something salty, something sweet, something healthy, etc. Also, water is always a must.

5. Handwritten note. For me a handwritten note will never ever go out of fashion. They are so rare that even if the content isn’t that involved, the recipient will be touched.

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