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The Special E

October 25, 2008

I am admittedly a bit of a conspiracy theorist. No, I don’t think the government is tapping our phones and I don’t have a bomb shelter tucked away “just in case”, but every now and then when a new initiative comes along like the “green” movement in the events industry (and every other industry for that matter), I am a little skeptical of all of the new for-profit businesses that pop up trying to make a few dollars on something that is clearly everyone’s responsibility to partake in anyways. Call me crazy, but it’s an embarrassing flaw. With this being said, however, even I eventually come around and can admit that there are many good businesses out there helping the events industry be more environmentally aware and essentially “go green.” The company that is currently topping my list is The Special E.

The Special E is a rescue organization that comes in at the end of your event and cleans house. They donate any unserved, leftover food to food banks, deliver all of your gorgeous flowers to hospitals and nursing homes and even go so far as to connect your trash to people who can make use of it. My favorite example is they will literally take your bottle caps to a company that will make earrings, purses, etc. out of them or your wine corks and make those great little place card holders that are so hot right now. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can be pretty resourceful and this is a effort after my own heart.

Anyway, I had the privelege of working with The Special E last month at an industry event I planned for The Knot. The event hosted LA’s top event planners and professionals and while I know The Special E made a huge impact with the attendees, everyone needs to be aware of this company and their efforts. They currently offer services in over 30 markets throughout the United States and Europe and I hope they are here to stay. Their rates vary based on the scope and location of the event and of course, if you are using them for a personal event such as a wedding, shower, birthday party, etc. you can claim a charitable tax deduction for some of the items rescued. So even if you aren’t planning a completely green event, do keep this company in mind not only because it’s the right thing to do, but maybe you can even save a few dollars on that oh, so expensive wedding day at the same time. After all, you’ll be on your honeymoon while the flowers are dying and the food is going bad. Why not give these things to someone who can really use them.

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