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October 29, 2009

Wedding Industry Celebrities

So, we in the wedding industry are admittedly kind of nerds. Everyone who is serious about their career in this biz are absolutely obsessed with all things wedding and we even have our very own…

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Judy & Albert : Oahu

I’m putting the finishing touches on an upcoming Maui wedding and I guess I’m a little nostalgic for the islands. Ever since Jane has taken over my Hawaii studio, I only get to the South…

Planning Tidbit: Custom, custom, custom

Once upon a time, I was watching an interview with Martha Stewart as she discussed her new line of paint for K-Mart. I pretty much worship Martha, so I listened very attentively about her decision…

Loving This: Vanilla Bake Shop Does It Again!

I feel so predictable lately, but I believe the secret to being a good planner and designer is finding a team that works well with your aesthetic and style. As any reasonable planner will tell…

Loving This: Paloma’s Nest

I love Paloma’s Nest with big fat, enormous capitals L-O-V-E. It doesn’t help that I’m already such a sucker for ceramics (I took 4 years of sculpture and ceramics in college & I’m slowly turning…

Design Tidbit: Prop Houses are Where it’s at

I just returned to the studio from a visit at Omega Cinema Props and I am crazy inspired! It really reminded me why LA may be one of the best places in the world to…

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