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November 29, 2010

Real Life Bride : Week 2

 I love this picture, it’s the cover of a card.  My best friend and Maid of Honor, Shannon, gave it to me because we both got engaged this year and are simultaneously planning our weddings….

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Real Life Bride : The Save The Date Video

Just to let everyone know, I don’t edit my real life brides in ANY way. I want them to share exactly what they believe best represents their wedding planning journey, BUT, to say I was…

Brand Spankin’ New "Real Life Bride" : Week 1

  Let the wedding blogging, loving, smiling, stressing and planning begin! The above picture pretty much sums up our lives to date:  Grant and I, hanging on for dear life to each other, as the…

We’re Hiring…

Sorry in advance to all my lovely brides out there, but today I need to use the blog for pure business…As I’ve said over and over, we are busy little bees over here and are…

Surya + Nick Get Hitched : THE VIDEO

 Rembember THIS wedding…Well, we just saw the video clip from the day and were reminded all over again why this was one of our favorite weddings of 2010 so far…Caught by Brian at Shark Pig,…

Real Life Bride: The Honeymoon

After our picture-perfect wedding, Ryan and I whisked ourselves away to the beautiful and relaxing Esperanza Resort in Cabo to celebrate! It was 85 degrees and sunny all week long and we couldn’t have been…

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