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December 18, 2017

Wedding websites are one of the most helpful tools to use for your wedding, especially if you are hosting a destination celebration. Below are a few tips for how to make your website user-friendly and appealing to the eye!

  1. Place the itinerary close to the home page. During the wedding weekend, guests will often access your website on the go to find out where they should be and when they should be there. Having the itinerary closest to the home page makes it easy for them to view it quickly and get on to the festivities!
  2. FAQ sections can be very helpful, but stick to 6-7 questions and answers. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests with too much information, but things like knowing where to park, what to wear, etc. can be very helpful.
  3. Add a menu bar to the top of the home page to help guests navigate the site with ease!
  4. Continue to update your website as you plan. Updating touchpoints like shuttle pickup information and event start times are very important and can greatly improve the overall success of your wedding.
  5. Always have a contact page. There will be guests with questions that they can’t find answers to on your website – there’s just no easy way to avoid that. Whether you have a wedding planner or a rockstar maid of honor, put an email address or phone number on your website, should your guests need to get in touch with someone in charge.
  6. Throw in suggestions for restaurants, bars, and activities. Often for destination weddings, it can be a city that many of your guests have never been to. It will feel more inclusive if you give a few suggestions of your favorite restaurants, shops, or places to hang out. They’ll feel like they are experiencing the city the way you’d like them to!
  7. Lastly, pick a website building service that fits your style and is user-friendly for you to design. Our favorite service is Squarespace!

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