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January 12, 2018

One thing that I believe can really elevate your wedding is the ceremony seating. It’s such a minor detail that often gets overlooked, and a lot of people (myself included) default to the traditional straight-across seating style. Don’t get me wrong, that can be beautiful, but I 100% believe in making a minor adjustment to make your wedding that much more interesting and even more personal. That said, it depends on what type of couple you are. Whether you’re a little more reserved (but perhaps have a wild side) or are fully embracing the day and invested in being in the spotlight, below are some of my favorites to help you find the perfect ceremony seating arrangement for your wedding.

The Traditionalist

This one is the most obvious and best suited for all you timeless couples out there. It’s elegant and straight forward (literally!). It makes for amazing photos and gives you the walk down the aisle many of you have dreamt of. One where you get to see all of your guests as you enter your ceremony. These work great in venues with a view – whether it’s an ocean backdrop or a backdrop of trees.

In action: Cassidy & Sam‘s stunning setup

The Traditionalist with a Twist

I like to think that this setup is for the couple who’s traditional, but likes a touch of intimacy. They want their ceremony to feel slightly more inclusive and warm. This setup also allows your guests to hear you a little bit better by bringing them closer.

In action: Virginia & Jordan‘s scenic ceremony

The All-Inclusive

This one is for the couple who’s fully embracing the walk down the aisle. You want to be surrounded by all of your friends and family during this special moment. It’s also great for couples who don’t have a bridal party, or prefer their bridal party to snag a seat during the ceremony. Interested in adding a fun twist on this ceremony? Try alternating which aisle your bridal party uses when walking down. It will require some practice at the rehearsal, it can make the processional a bit more interesting.

In action: Chelle and Austin‘s intimate ceremony

The Spiral

This is one of my all-time favorites. It’s slightly more intimate than the all-inclusive ceremony. This is for the couple who’s not afraid to be a little playful and truly bask in their moment. just so happy they’re getting married. They’re appreciative of everyone who’s traveled for their big day and they want to see and connect with each guest as they walk down the aisle (and maybe even give a high-five on the way out!).

In action: Lauren & Samira‘s playful and romantic shindig

Happy planning!