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Enjoying the Planning Process

July 10, 2009

I know many of you brides out there must think I’m nuts, but I truly do believe it’s possible to actually enjoy the wedding planning process. At least, I like to think the couple’s I work with typically do enjoy the process and let it unfold naturally with my guidance. Every now and then I do work with a couple who really like to get things taken care of very far in advance. No problem! Great! I’m game! But, what can happen is there is so much pressure to get things done RIGHT NOW, that they stress themselves out unnecessarily. If you’ve given yourself at least six months to plan your wedding, there is no reason you need to tackle every item all at once. I recommend breaking your to do list down into three categories:

1. Building Your Team
This includes researching, interviewing and hiring your vendors.

2. Designing the day
This involves all of the fun stuff. Picking the exact linen and china, tending to floral prototypes and designing and tasting the menu and cake, choosing music.

3. Logistics
This involves creating the time line, floor plan, power requirements for bands, must have shot lists for photo and video, etc.

4. Final ordering and confirmations: (This is ONLY if you don’t have a planner as she should take care of this for you) Make sure you allow some time two weeks before the wedding to finalize everything. Meaning, once that guest count comes in, you need to update the florist, caterer, rental company, linen company, etc. on all items where quantities are based on your guest count (centerpieces, food, linens, napkins, etc.) and don’t forget the reconfirmations.

Now, of course, these things all flow into one another. You can’t order invitations if you haven’t set a ceremony time. And, you can’t choose a florist until you know a bit more about your style, but for the most part, I recommend breaking the process down into these or similar categories. Not only does it make sense to plan things in the order that works, but it will keep your stress level way down. Bottom line is this, if you take things one step at a time and BREATH, I promise you will be so much calmer and happier both throughout the process and on the wedding day.

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