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April 14, 2015


Spring has sprung, my friends – and I couldn’t be happier, maybe it’s because we’re in California, but all (and I mean all) the flowers seem to be in bloom right now! And they couldn’t be prettier.

Which got me thinking about wedding blooms – aren’t we lucky that they come in almost every color imaginable (like that rainbow palette up top, ranging from white, to purple, to green!) – so no matter what your look is for your big day, there will be the perfect floral for you.

Keep this in mind though – don’t have your heart set on a particular flower for your wedding. Trust your florist – they will know what flowers are in season, what will match the venue and the mood, and what blooms will hold up well through the day. Give your florist pictures and mood boards, but be flexible as to which flowers are used; trust your professional!

I can’t wait to see what you guys are leaning towards……

xo, Jody





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