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February 21, 2014

Engagement shoots can be a little trickier than a wedding for a lot of reasons. 1. It’s likely to be the first time you will work with your wedding photographer so the nerves can be a bit higher. 2. You may or may not know what to wear, what works aesthetically, etc. 3. You may or may not have full privacy or ideal conditions at the venue you select for the shoot, giving the photographer more challenges than normal. I asked Steve Steinhardt Photography to share a little bit of insight when planning your engagement shoot:

Inevitably this is the first thing you will consider during the planning of your session. Its always nice to consider a place that has sentimental meaning to the two of you, but not completely necessary. If you dont have that “special place” already in mind, dont hesitate to ask your photographer for their personal recommendations. A seasoned photographer should be able to give you a variety to choose from.
Also, keep in mind that there are many different types of locations and each will lend a different look to your photos. Do you want something urban and edgy or more organic and natural? Be sure to ask your photographer to research permits requirements as often times locations will require you to purchase a permit before using their location. In my experience they can vary from $15 to $500 for a single session.

After your location has been nailed down you can start the fun process of picking out what to wear. While I consider this one of the most exciting  aspects of planning your shoot it can also be the most intimidating. Just remember to keep it simple. Neutral colors usually photograph best along with small pops of brighter shades. Worried about what to wear? Try looking through catalog for fit and style ideas and current trends. Also, rummage through your closet. Maybe you have a dress or top that has been waiting for it’s debut. Retailers such as J. Crew and Banana Republic also offer complimentary personal stylists to help you coordinate outfit ideas. Call ahead of time to make an appointment and don’t be afraid to bring in what you already have so they can help you build an outfit around an existing piece.

The thought of coordinating what you and your fiance will wear can be tricky. If your anything like me, just a mention of the word “coordinate” and I cant help but conjure images of cheesy matching polos and jeans. Remember, you don’t have to be match-y match-y. You don’t even have to wear the same colors! Instead of bothering to matching colors, patterns, or specific pieces – think about the style of the outfits in relation to one another i.e. dont be wearing jeans and a tee when your fiance is wearing slacks and a button down. Going for casual? Keep it simple with jeans or chinos, shorts, skirts, sundresses, cardigans, tees, and blouses. Want to change into a more refined outfit? Blazers, pencil skirts, suiting dresses, heels, boots, and button ups are appropriate. Keep in mind that it is customary to bring 2-3 outfits to a single session. And don’t forget the accessories! For him: hats, tie clips, sunglasses, ties, pocket squares, and belts. For her: necklaces, hats, scarves, belts, and hair accessories.

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