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April 25, 2012

No matter where you go, a well thought out welcome bag is a must for guests who have traveled the world for your day. Below are a few favorites if you are Italy bound for your destination wedding weekend:

For the actual bag, we love a true farmer’s market style basket with leather handles. They feel so European and make for a beautiful presentation. However if you prefer function over form, a great canvas tote customized with a line from an Italian poem or artwork relevant to your day can also be perfect.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect bag, make sure to put the right amount of thought into the contents. First up, your guests will be thirsty. Make sure they are taken care of with a beautiful bottle of Italian water, Limonata or even a great regional bottle of wine.

Once refreshed, be sure to include something sweet, something salty and something fresh for your guests. For a sweet treats, we love to find local candies or cookies. In Italy, Pastiglie Leon, traditional Italian Butter cookies or even Jordan Almonds are appropriate. Pastiglie Leon are not only are they tasty but the packaging is gorgeous and this company has been making candies in Italy since 1857! Jordan Almonds are the epitome of Italian wedding tradition. In Italy five jordan almonds are given to each attendee at a wedding and signify five wishes for the bride and groom: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

For a salty or savory snack, fresh baguette with olives or a locally made olive oil would be a great in room bite. A fresh baguette, parmesan cheese, and fresh grapes will balance out the sweets in the bag and will be good snack for the weekend. Wrap them in fabric and twine with a personalized tag for an added touch!

For something fresh, beautiful cherries, grapes or even tomatoes from the local markets can be a wonderful snack.


Another added bonus to include could be a great souvenir. Something as a luxurious as a beautiful scarf made of Italian cashmere, or personalized playing cards are a great small gift to give to your guests as they can play Gin by the pool in Italy or on the airplane ride home. Vintage postcards from Italy are also a no brainer. For an added moment of fun, give the guests three. One they can keep for themselves, one to send to a friend at home and one to send to you with their well wishes. This will give you something to look forward to when you return home from the fantasy that is Italy.

Lastly, don’t forget a survival guide to the area full of your favorite activities, restaurants as well as an itinerary and map for the weekend. For maps, we love these custom drawn numbers from Laura Hooper.

Check in tomorrow for the perfect weekend activities for your destination wedding guests.

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