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I’ve Got To Hand It To You…

June 17, 2010

Show of hands (pun intended):  How many of you brides out there LOVE getting manicures?  Could it be with that new bauble on your ring finger, you feel a little more pride in those digits, as well as a little pressure to have well manicured hands when people stop to admire your engagement ring?   All of the sudden, you’ve become a hand model!   Well, I can’t say that I blame you.

When there’s the extra perk of an engagement ring on your hand, that little treat seems more necessary than before.   While some sources claim that weekly mani’s and pedi’s are a must for the bride-to-be, and personally, I would love to get them that often, I know that it isn’t always possible.

For some time now, regular manicures and pedicures have been a part of my routine, so I’ve tried many, MANY products.  So, if a weekly visit to the salon isn’t in the cards (or even if it is!) I present to you, some of the best products I’ve found on the market that will make those mani’s and pedi’s last longer, while giving you picture-perfect bridal nails.

Nail Color:  Essie Mademoiselle

This delightfully sheer and subtle pink will makes your hands look fresh and natural, and wont distract admirers from your ring, your dress, or YOU, the blushing bride.  Since the consistency of the Essie line of polish isn’t too thick or goopy, it will dry quicker so you are less likely to smudge. I also suggest a single coat.  Try it out in the weeks before your wedding.  If you decide you want more coverage, go for two.

Bonus:  If disaster strikes and you chip a nail prior to the wedding, the color is so natural no one would notice.
Other Essie color choices:  No Pre-Nup (love the name) and Ballet Slippers.

Top Coat: Healthy Hoof Lacquer

I swear by this product!  This top coat adds days to my manicure.  It takes a little longer to dry, but it’s well worth the extra time in the massage chair.  😉  I am very hard on my nails:  typing, paperwork, cooking, dish washing, washing my hands, and oh yeah, wedding production, and it all takes a toll on my manicures.  This top coat ensures I get the most out my visits.

Cuticle Care:  ORLY Cuticle Oil

Depending on your environment, the conditions you subject your hands to, or just plain ol’ genetics, your cuticles can take a daily beating, leaving you with dry or ragged cuticles, and make you prone to hang nails.   And nothing is worse for your manicure (with the exception of actually biting your nails) than ripping or biting off said hang nail.  Healthy, hydrated cuticles improve the overall health of your nails.  Keeping your nail beds soft and moisturized will encourage stronger and longer nails, and help to fend off painful and unsightly hang nails.

Hand lotion:  Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

To me, dry hands are the worst!  This purse-sized hand lotion goes everywhere I do for re-application after hand washings.  It’s moisturizing and quick absorbing.  Everything a good lotion should be.

Bonus: The 2.5 oz container is also airplane carry-on friendly for use en route to your honeymoon.

Toe Color:  OPI Tickle Me-Francey

I adore the neutral tone of this polish (it’s my current favorite).  There’s something about it that feels sophisticated, but not muddy or dirty… just pretty.  Maybe it’s the name that conjures the image of a perfectly put-together French woman in delicious peep-toe pumps sipping on coffee and nibbling on a croissant.  It just feels romantic and goes with EVERY color of shoes or outfit I choose.

Bonus:  This neutral shade will take you into your honeymoon with style.  Should you be beach-bound, which just decimates a good pedicure polish, no one will notice a chip out this color either, unlike a red, pink or plum shade on your toes.

Tip: Pack a few disposable nail polish remover pads into your luggage for your honeymoon.  If all that action is just too much for your polish and you can’t get yourself to a nail salon, just remove the old and put on some top coat for protection and shine.

There you have ’em!  My tips for the perfectly polished bride.

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