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August 2, 2013

The other day I was chatting with one of my favorite florists about wedding designs and our clients. With both of us being fans of all things unique and charming, we were discussing how many brides are nervous to do anything unconventional. So often our clients will be up for anything in the beginning only to get nervous to be the first to try something new or to introduce guests to a completely new experience. Whether it’s because mom is a little more traditional or simply because they are scared of the risk, in the end a lot of couples choose to take the easy way out by copying another event to a tee because it’s the safe thing to do. While there is nothing wrong with using another couple’s wedding as inspiration, to all of the design intimidated couples out there: Let’s design a wedding that other couples will copy off of. Let’s come up with something so spectacular that couples across the nation will say, “I have to have a cake like Jack and Sue’s” or, “I have to have the shoes I saw in this one wedding!” Be inspired by others but when all is said and done, don’t be afraid to make a statement of your own.

The above image is from Surya & Nick’s Aspen Wedding as captured by Jonas Peterson. Above the altar we had a laser cut sign with the prettiest words ever. Since this wedding, I’ve seen people use both these words and this concept everywhere. Inspiring!

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