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Real Life Bride: The Honeymoon

November 8, 2010

After our picture-perfect wedding, Ryan and I whisked ourselves away to the beautiful and relaxing Esperanza Resort in Cabo to celebrate! It was 85 degrees and sunny all week long and we couldn’t have been happier basking in our newlyweddedness (no, I don’t actually think that is a word!).
{at the airport saying farewell to our chauffeur ~ my sister!}
Upon arrival we were escorted to our room and I immediately knew how wonderful our week was going to be. The balcony view was simply gorgeous and the doors opened up completely for an indoor/outdoor living experience. And no honeymoon is complete without a private jacuzzi spa on your balcony!
We decided to stroll around the grounds and couldn’t believe just how quiet the place was. It was as if we were on our own private vacation! That night we had dinner out on the bluffs at sunset.

The next few days we spent lounging by the pool, eating, drinking and just being happy all around!

We decided to charter a fishing boat and headed out of the marina at 7am one morning (it was still dark). It was so peaceful being on the water at sunrise, but after three hours with no catch, we started to worry that our excursion might have been a bust. Fortunately, around 11am, Ryan caught a Dorado! On our way back to the marina, we dropped a line in a popular area and I caught a tuna – we were both very happy to have our catches!

Of course after that *exhausting* outing, we had to head back to our favorite spot – the infinity pool – and have more delicious food and drinks!
All in all it was a most memorable vacation and I was so glad to share it with my new husband!
Thank you all for following my yearlong wedding adventure. I hope it’s been fun to keep up with our wedding planning and see it all from start to finish. I look forward to Beth sharing the professional photos!

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