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Real Life Bride : Week 25

April 26, 2010
 Things are coming along nicely with the wedding planning and here are a couple updates:
  •  I am happy (and surprised!) to report that we finally found ties that we both like! I found them at Banana Republic and they are a light grey plaid. We got a solid dark grey tie for Ryan that I think coordinates really nicely. Of course the Banana Republic I was in only had two of the ties, and their one day sale was ending in thirty minutes, but luckily I was able to locate two more at the store right by my parents’ house and my mom happily popped over to pick them up!
  • We scheduled a second tasting with our caterer to finalize the menu. At the first tasting they changed up a few items and then we changed our mind on the entrees, so we’re heading back one more to finalize. 
  • We also scheduled our engagement photo session. We’re both really nervous about this as we are semi camera shy and awkward. Ryan hates pictures altogether, and I just feel kinda silly “posing,” so this should be very interesting! We think it’s important though to have this session to ease the nerves for the photographs on the big day. Plus I do love having nice photos of us.
  • Laura sent us the second set of invitation proofs, but there are still so many choices! We were able to narrow things down and I also got to see some of the paper she has in mind. Overall I think we’re going to have a nice blend of Southern charm and vineyard elegance.
  • I had my first dress fitting and at first I got really excited when they pulled my dress out in the plastic and I knew it was “my dress.” At first it didn’t look quite the same, but, once we got it on I loved it just as much as the first time! However, it was way too big still. I always thought that since they take your measurements, the dress will “pretty much” fit you from the get go. But apparently they take those measurements and just order the size that accommodates your largest section? I don’t know, but there are about six inches to be taken off the waist, so it definitely didn’t seem quite like mine just yet! I’m glad I got to go this far in advance though because the shoes I have are a little bit too tall, so now I have time to find some new ones, which I’ve already started looking for, of course!

And completely separate from planning, I celebrated my last birthday as a “single” girl! I had a delicious dinner with my family and they even got me an ice cream cake for dessert at home. The next day, my actual birthday, I spent a relaxing afternoon at the park with my friends filled with fun games and laughter – it was a great birthday, and I can’t believe that I will celebrate the next one as a “Mrs.”!

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