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Real Life Bride: Week 30

May 31, 2010
Last weekend we headed up to LA for some “fun wedding stuff” as Ryan referred to it (as opposed to the “un-fun” things such as napkins, rentals or anything logistical). Friday night we were spoiled with a second tasting with the caterer, The Food Matters, since we decided to switch some things up after the first tasting – and boy were we happy with our decisions and new selections! We brought along my mom along and she too thoroughly enjoyed herself and can’t wait to indulge again at the actual wedding (plus we didn’t taste the things we didn’t change – like the delicious chopped salad – so she will still have some surprises!).

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day in LA and we drove out to the Westlake area for our second meeting with the pastor. He was so pleasant to talk with and has lots of advice and feedback for how to adjust to life as a married couple and how you cope with all of the “issues” that life brings. After that, we ventured out to the venue to pick up a couple wine options for a taste test later that night with some of my besties. We found out that Malibu Family Wines has a little outdoor tasting area where you can bring food and eat and enjoy your wine, too – sadly we were not prepared for this and had to settle for just buying a few bottles to take with us. But good to know!


That night at our friends’ place, it was really fun to break out their many many wine glasses and all sample the wine options. We only took one white, so we were hopeful that it would be a hit – and it was! We had a unanimous consensus on the red as well, so that was easy and fun and we all enjoyed the wine the rest of the night.
Ryan’s right – this is “fun” wedding stuff!

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