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Real Life Bride: Week 34

June 28, 2010

We made a very important purchase last weekend – our wedding bands! It was pretty easy to pick mine out since I just wanted a band exactly like the one on my engagement ring {very thin}. Ryan did an amazing job picking out my engagement ring and he was so kind in making it an eternity band…which of course means that the wedding band needs to be eternity too, right? Well he definitely thought so and was sure to reinforce that idea when the jeweler asked if we wanted eternity or half-way for the wedding band – lucky me!

{photo by my good friend Amanda while we were out to brunch;
you can kind of see my tiny little band!}
Selecting Ryan’s ring was a bit more of a challenge. We of course liked different options and in fact I would say that I strongly disliked the one that he wanted! Neither of us was surprised though as we have different taste in pretty much everything, except each other of course. And then there was the question of white gold versus Titanium. We both liked the darker look of the Titanium, but I feared that down the line we may not like it quite as much. Plus it was pretty light weight and didn’t strike me as deserving such a grand role as “wedding band.” Ultimately, he went with a classic white gold band 7mm thick; yes, we debated between 6, 7 and 8 MILLIMETERS!!
The difference in opinions continued the next day when we finally ventured out to look for suits for Ryan and the groomsmen. Way back when we first got engaged Ryan mentioned he might want to wear grey, so I took that idea and ran with it making our color scheme caspian blue, grey and ivory (although the only blue so far is in the bridesmaid dresses!). Well then a few months ago Ryan said he might want to wear black…so we got some grey ties! But I never quite let go of the grey suits, especially with our more laid back, rustic outdoor wedding. Apparently, though, grey suits for rent are not easy to come by! We went to Friar Tux, but their grey suit was too dark for Ryan’s taste (I liked it). They had a grey tux, but this had a satin stripe around the collar and then down the pants, reminding me of the 70’s (Ryan thought it was fine). Our next stop was Men Warehouse, where they don’t rent suits, but they did have a grey tux with the satin only on the jacket, not the pants, but still…it was a no go. Never one to give up when I have my mind set on something, I called Elite Tuxedo after Beth let me know that they too rent suits. I asked if they had a grey suit and was directed to the website – this is their “grey suit.”
Let me just clarify by saying that a morning suit is definitely not the suit we are looking for! I may just have to accept defeat and go with basic black and the original tie purchase, which will of course be fine, but with four months left, the search is still on for the perfect grey suit available to rent (and please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions!). In my dream world the groomsmen would all be wearing this beauty from my favorite store, JCrew. Too bad they don’t rent.

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