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Real Life Bride: Week 4

November 30, 2009

We had our first in-person meeting with Beth at the beginning of the week. It was fun going through all of the details, but also exhausting – there’s so much to do! Venue, logistics, florist, caterer, photographer, videographer, music, drinks, dancing, lighting, decor, hotels, beauty, dress, timeline…it’s overwhelming and this is just the beginning – yikes! Things are difficult, too, with Ryan being away (one week down, four more to go). I miss him a lot in general, and now especially. I’ve decided to try to wait on whatever we can wait to do for the wedding until he gets back. Luckily we have plenty of time to spread things out – I think/hope. Laura got the engagement party invitations designed and off to the printer, so it’s nice to have something concrete happening.

On another note, my dad finally woke up this week and joined the party! All of a sudden, he started asking to see pictures of the venue and asking about who would be marrying us. I guess it took a few weeks to accept that his youngest daughter is actually getting married. So far his input has been mixed. The first thing he pointed out was another wedding my sister worked on that he thought was really pretty. The best feature? That the dance floor wasn’t the center of the room, so it wasn’t the prominent focus. Well, Dad, just because the dance floor is there doesn’t mean we will make you dance on it!

Being “on holiday” back at my parents’ place, I’ve had a little time to kill, and I must admit that I think I watched almost 10 episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC. It of course got me thinking about my own dress (which we will start shopping for next weekend) and my lack of seeing anything that I like. My guess would be that out of every 5 or more bridal magazines I usually like maybe one dress – let’s hope my luck in the stores is much much better! One dress I do love? This gorgeous lace gown by Jim Helm!
Planning status:
Still nothing officially booked!! (Venue, Photog, Caterer all on hold)
2 dress shopping appointments scheduled
Meeting with a potential florist

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