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Real Life Bride: Week 42

August 24, 2010

Ryan picked up our wedding bands from Los Angeles last week, and when I got home and saw them I definitely went a little crazy! I absolutely LOVE my simple band made to match my current engagement ring band and seeing Ryan’s ring on his finger (we had to try them on, right?!) left me beaming…I can’t believe we are going to be husband and wife in just about two months!!

We submitted the copy for our ceremony programs to my sister (because my online checklist told me to, not because I think she will actually work on this this early!) and Beth made a list of all the signage we will have at the wedding. Although I’m sure there will be some last minute adds, I do like having a list to start from and work off of. Seeing how crazy things can get when you wait until the last minute, I definitely want to avoid that when at all possible, and I think we’re doing a good job staying on top of everything.

My mom has ordered a few items to spruce up the restrooms, and we have gotten a few pieces to add into the decor – things that we can keep even after the wedding…good thinking, huh? I also scheduled our last meeting with our pastor and another dress fitting, both in September.

We’ve heard nothing but compliments on how beautiful our invitations are and Laura has truly outdown herself. People have been telling me how house guests coming over have commented on them, people are taking them to work to show off, sharing them with friends that don’t know us, etc…and the invitation suite deserves the attention!  It is gorgeous and set the entire mood and “theme” for our wedding day. And most important are a good reflection of our style!

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