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Real Life Bride: Week 47

September 27, 2010

With the wedding under 30 days away you could definitely say that it is constantly on my mind! Even with Beth handling all of the logistics and design – and I still feel like there’s so much to do! Everyday I talk to my mom and sister, multiple times, about what we should do about this, what would should do about that…etc. I think overall, though, I’ve remained relatively calm even while waiting for the final RSVPs to come in, people to book their hotel rooms (yes, I do know that this is out of my control and technically not my problem if they don’t book before our block is release…but I still care and want everyone who wants to to be staying at our hotels!!), and anything else we are waiting for. Which isn’t much now that we’re into the final month of planning for the big day.

For the most part, things have been going fine, but I would like to give some advice regarding your wedding dress – definitely do your very best to purchase your dress in the city that you live! I got mine in Los Angeles so it has been extremely inconvenient considering that they do not do fittings on weekends! Now when I say “do not do,” I mean that the seamstress does not work on weekends and the office staff will tell you this over and over – BUT, eventually you can wear them down and they will ask the seamstress for a weekend appointment (so far out of three times she has not denied me). Not that I want to miss another pilates class on the weekend…but I gotta have my dress! The whole process would have been a bit easier if my lovely dress was located here in San Diego with me, but none-the-less the finish line is in sight and I’ve finagled myself into one last Saturday fitting!

As for planning, I’ve started working on the shuttle list for guests heading to the wedding from the hotel. With 24 passenger shuttles, I’m keeping track so that we don’t exceed capacity on either bus and also started working on the table assignments. Whether or not we are going to have assigned seats at each table is yet to be determined. We’ve started gathering the items for our tote bags and I took Beth’s previous blog advice and contacted the hotels regarding their distribution policies. We are waiting on a list of balances due from Beth for all of our vendors as those are generally paid one month out, so we’ll get that taken care of and Beth will keep everyone on track and on schedule – it’s such a relief to not be dealing with timelines and schedules and charts and vendors.

Next on the planning agenda: finalizing the seating chart and getting the names to my sister for calligraphy for escort cards. I would also like to make a packing list for the honeymoon. Ryan and I are planning to pack for the honeymoon the weekend before the wedding to get everything done before he heads to Vegas for his bachelor party. Yes, he is going to Vegas the week of our wedding; what a crazy person!

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