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Real Life Bride: Week 50

October 18, 2010

Wedding week is finally here! I know this week and the wedding itself will go by so quickly, and looking back the last year has flown by, too, but there were definitely times (around the 6-8 month mark of engagement) that it truly felt like the wedding would never come.

There is a semi-hectic schedule for our final week of preparation and of course the standard UNscheduled occurances. We experienced our first “uh oh” when I opened the weather report on Friday on to see that our beautiful, outdoor wedding-of-my-dreams could be railroaded with an uncharacteristic October rain. I had a minor freak out, but I “calmly” emailed Beth saying that I know it’s just the 10-day forecast so we can basically guarantee that it will change probably 10 times before the wedding, but I think we at least need to consider the back-up plan, which is to bring out a tent for the reception. So…we have until Wednesday to make the final decision. By Saturday the forecast had bumped the “storm” to blowing through by Thursday with sun on both Friday and Saturday, and we’re hoping that weather forecast sticks.

On Saturday I headed up to LA to pick up my wedding dress, which fortunately fits! Note to brides: if you have your alterations done at the shop where you purchase your dress, make sure you are aware of their policy regarding pressing your dress! Apparently mine will only press your dress for an additional charge, which was not disclosed at the time of purchase (no, not even in the fine print, we checked that after the fiasco regarding no Saturday fittings). After somewhat of a fuss over the fact that I had come up from San Diego for this appointment and the seamstress wasn’t even there, and the fact that she had repeatedly said she would be pressing it “at the end” when we asked about it at all of my 3 fittings, they offered to go ahead and press the dress and we took it home with us that day. I can see why they don’t offer pressing, though, because the dress still didn’t look pressed and we will be taking it to our normal guy for a more thorough, professional steam. But none-the-less, the dress is gorgeous and I’m so excited to wear it next week!

Other than that Laura is finishing up all of the details like escort cards, place cards, signs, tags, welcome itineraries…any paper product you could think of, we probably have it! Beth and her team are handling all of the final preparations and logistics, and we just need to manage getting there…which is a task in itself! Ryan is off to Vegas Monday-Thursday, so we packed all of his honeymoon stuff Friday night since we’d be in LA for my dad’s 60th birthday over the weekend, I brought home both of our clothes for the rehearsal dinner, and when I return to LA on Thursday I’ll bring everything I need for the weekend and our honeymoon bags – there is a lot of luggage coordination!

All-in-all everything is in order and I can’t wait to see all of our family and friends and to marry my best friend in only 5 days!

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