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April 6, 2015


Not to give you more to think about, but the dressing room actually quite an important little spot on your wedding day. A lot of pre-ceremony photo opps happen here including so many candid moments with you and your besties celebrating your last moments of single hood. With this being said, below is a little check list of all the things you might consider when planning out your dressing room:

1. The lighting: Whether for makeup application or photography, your vendors will love you if you choose a dressing location with plenty of natural light, be it from lots of windows or a space with access to the outdoors.

inside of dress

2. The food: Don’t forget to keep all of the ladies fed. No one likes a drunk bridesmaid and with all the bubbly that surely will not be forgotten, please remember to balance it out with some nibbles throughout the day. I always recommend something for breakfast like granola, yogurt, berries and bagels. And then another delivery for lunch including things like light sandwiches, salads, hummus, veggies, etc. Just items that people can nibble on throughout the day but will still be light enough to make sure they feel slim in their gowns.

3. The details: The dressing area is the perfect spot for your photographer to shoot details like your wedding rings, shoes and accessories as well as your invitations, welcome bags and any other favorite touches you have planned. Have a friend or your wedding planner lay these items out in plain sight for your photographer to play with upon arrival.


4. Bridal Party attire: I, myself, always love a wedding party with attire that has been given a little thought. Matching robes, white button down shirts or simple sundresses all look lovely in pictures both as individuals and in group shots.

5. The dress: Obviously lots and lots of shots of the dress will be taken. With this in mind, don’t forget to get a beautiful hanger for the dress and make mention of any added touches that you might want the photographer to capture such as a monogram sewn on the inside or the buttons you choose specifically for the back of the gown.


With just a little bit of thought the dressing room can result in some of your favorite images of the day.

All of the above gorgeous images are from the uber talented, Steve Steinhardt.

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