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August 6, 2013

There is no right or wrong way to determine the number of guests to have at your wedding. Of course budget is often a factor but beyond that, the guest list should be composed of your closest family and friends. For some people that includes hundreds of people and for other couples 20 guests is just about right. Only you will know, but no matter what, really consider the importance of each guest and why their attendance is meaningful. For your day to remain intimate rather than a grand performance where you have to be the perfect couple, consider eliminating guests from your list where you are unable to be relax around. This may include coworkers, friends of parents and distant acquaintances. Truth be told, while you are agonizing about whether or not to include them on your list, they may actually prefer not to be invited as well. A wedding is a time where you should feel celebrated by those around you. You also should be able to let loose and simply be yourself. By avoiding people who you will feel pressured to be “on” for or to impress, you will ultimately reduce your anxiety throughout the entire planning process and enjoy your day that much more.

The image above is from Angie & Brett’s wedding at San Ysidro Ranch as captured by Meg Perotti.

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