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Top 10 Trends for 2010 at Beth Helmstetter Events

December 29, 2009

Truth be told, I’m not much of a fan of the lists of “trends” or “must haves”, etc. that are floating around the web this time of the year. Mainly, because I don’t believe any couple should allow a trend as defined by some arbitrary source to dictate their wedding day style. However, I am super excited about next year and think all of my brides offer so much great inspiration that I do want to share some of the commonalities I’m seeing amongst my beautiful brides:

1. Long wooden tables are still huge among my lovely brides. Some of them are bringing rounds or square tables with linens into the mix, but overall, everyone I’m working with really like the feel of the old fashioned, rustic kitchen table for their guest’s dining. 2.Comfort over flash. I know if you spoke to other planners they might completely disagree, but my clients in general prefer approachable design rather than over-the-top. They are focused on creating an environment where guests can relax and enjoy rather than one overly stuffy and formal. Which, to tell you the truth, is right up my alley…
3. Smaller but more involved weddings. My brides love, love, love the details. So much so that they would rather have fewer guests attend their wedding so they can truly spoil each and every one of them. This is completely my philosophy as well, so, needless to say, I love a bride who appreciates the art of wedding design over a low quality celebration filled with acquaintances and unfriendly coworkers. 4. Destination weddings are staying in the country. While, I will take a brief moment to brag that I have some amazing international destination weddings on my calendar for next year, a majority of my destination clients are using the beauty that is the United States as the backdrop for their wedding. 5. Loose color stories. My clients rarely have wedding “colors.” Instead we work with entire palettes and textures to come up with the overall design of the day. While everyone has colors that inspire them, my brides are open to the idea of pulling in colors outside of the original palette for a more complete look. 6. The vintage and rustic vibe may be here to stay. My brides love the comfort of rustic touches. From wood vases to wrought iron chandeliers, there is something nostalgic and romantic about the rustic, down to earth vibe. 7. Bollywood, anyone? On the other end of the spectrum, I also am working with several couples that are inspired by the saturated color and whimsy of Bollywood and are using this to create their wedding design. 8. True hosts and hostesses. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I truly do get to work with some of the greatest people who as a whole appreciate the art of entertaining. Most are very into anticipating the needs of their guests and gladly add small touches throughout the day to keep their guests comfortable. Umbrellas for shade, welcome beverages, scarves in case of a late night chill, etc. are almost an expectation of the couples I’m working with.9. More events surrounding the wedding celebration. It used to be that just my destination clients would host huge rehearsal dinners, cocktail parties and morning after brunches. But, lately, more and more of my brides are seeing the beauty in keeping the party going just a little longer. 10. Earth love. Since I’m based in Los Angeles, you might have already guessed that my clients just love Mother Earth and I’m noticing this practice even more in 2010. From using sustainable plants over fresh cut flowers to serving only locally raised and grown foods, my sweet clients are making a difference, one marriage at a time.

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