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February 21, 2017

We had the most fun creating our tent for last weekend’s wedding in Palm Springs at the La Quinta Resort & Spa and thought I’d give you a little behind the scenes of how we go about the process of designing a structure before the build actually happens.

The first thing we do after getting a better understanding of what our clients want, is start with a rendering of what the tent could be. We create these little beauties with the genius of Matthew Myrhum. This is our attempt to capture what we understand the vision to be, as well as throw our creative suggestions in the mix in an effort to ensure we’re creating something that hasn’t been seen a million times before. For this wedding, we started with a little something like this first rending. Quite often these renderings go through 2 to 4 revisions based on feedback. As you can see, this rendering had draped walls, an overgrown ceiling and tall arrangements with lots of green. After reviewing, the client wanted to see a bit more sky initially which led us to rendering 2.

Rendering 2  looked a bit like this, but then after further discussions, we decided a cleaner, more art deco, Palm Springs mod vibe was closer to what she was going for. And she wanted it to look like a starry night.

Enter rendering 3 which was lots of dripping twinkly lights, low centerpieces, etc. But something was still off…The draping. She just wasn’t feeling it. It was starting to feel a bit too much like a common wedding. So we suggested hedging which still allowed us to get lots of green in there but in more of a cleaner, more manicured way. 

Which led us to this look. A hedged backdrop for the band, a half wall with hedging around the tent and dance floor, etc. And instead of dripping lights throughout, we presented the idea of a canopy of lights along the top of the tent and focusing the dripping lights right over the dance floor…Very clean and modern. Very Palm Springs.Then we did one more pass after changing out some details based on a few last discussions and this rendering became our design for the final tent.​I think it came out very, very close, don’t you?? Come back tomorrow and we’ll show you a bit of the behind the scenes of the tent installation process.

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