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Wedding Day : Premiere Tuesday, June 16th on TNT

June 14, 2009

Okay, by now you must think I’m getting some sort of stipend from the show Wedding Day, but it’s not the case. I just love the concept of this show…again, think Extreme Home Makeover for weddings. Also, Diann Valentine is one of the hosts, and if you are a reader of my blog, you already know what a HUGE fan I am of Ms. Valentine. Seriously, she is one of the most talented women in the industry.

I had the chance to connect with the Diann this week and she was telling me about some of the amazing couples she worked with this season. The first is a couple who first were planning to marry several years ago when the bride was in a major car accident four days before the wedding and was in a coma only to wake up not remembering her entire family including her fiancee. Well, her fiancee stood by her side and in comes Wedding Day to bring their day to life. She told me many other stories, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. You have to watch! I mean, I have chills just writing about this! So, tune in, Tuesday, June 16th on TNT. I know it’s going to a huge hit!!

Congratulations Diann! No one is more deserving of your success!

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