While the quarantine came as a shock to most, it’s always better to be stuck inside with someone you love rather than alone. If you have the luxury of being quarantined with your significant other, here are five ways that we’ve brainstormed to keep the romance alive in your household.


If you both share a favorite meal or similar dessert, it might be nice to work on making that meal together. Someone can pull up the recipe and together you can both craft the perfect dish. Or if someone prefers cooking to baking or someone is the better baker rather than chef, then you can choose to split the tasks between the two of you and then rate who’s dish was better.


Although it’s not recommended to be in public places, that doesn’t mean you can’t step outside to take a walk and get your bodies moving. Staying cooped up in the house on the couch can be boring, so making sure that you’re still moving and doing it together can make a walk around the block more interesting. A way to spice things up on the walk is to hold hands, take photos of pretty landmarks, and maybe point out your next date spot once the quarantine is over.


Now is the time to bust out the monopoly! While games on your phone can be fun to play, it’s also nice to whip out an old board game like Scrabble, Yahtzee, or LIFE. Card games like Uno or even Go Fish are perfect for couples to play together while also keeping their minds stimulated. It’s nice to always spice up the romance with a little bit of friendly competition.


Looking back at old trips that you’ve taken together, or at a photo album of your engagement or your wedding album is a great way to reminisce the good ol’ days. Watching your wedding video together, or any funny videos that you’ve taken while traveling is always nice to look at to remember the reason why you enjoy being together. It’s also a great way to get ideas for your next trip, or if you’re engaged, you can plan out what you want your wedding video or album to look like. If you’re married, its a great reminder of a special day that the two of you shared with your loved ones.


Although now is a time where people want to be attached to their phones and on social media to see what’s going on in the world, make sure to set aside time to spend just focusing on each other. Whether that be an hour of just talking, or reading together, or taking a couple hours to give each other a massage – making sure that you get time together away from your phones is important. The outside world will still be there, so focusing on your connection to each other in this time is crucial. You still want to come out of this quarantine as in love with each other as you did going into it. So that when it does come time to have your days apart, you’ll still look forward to coming home to each other.

We’ll get through this together. You’ll get through this together. Happy quarantining!     

Gorgeous images from Erich McVey of Bessie and Adam’s Engagement Shoot. Come back later this week to see more from their gorgeous wedding in the Pacific Northwest.