There isn’t much else in the world that puts a spring in my step or a smile on my face more than a trip to the hair stylist.  No matter how hard I try on my own every morning, my hair never looks quite as good as when I walk out of the salon.   And then I must wait another 8 weeks to get that freshly coiffed feeling, which I strategically plan for a day when I have plans for a night on the town.  But luckily, here in Los Angeles, we now have the pleasure of getting these salon good looks a little more frequently from a little place called The Dry Bar.
For $35, you can have a professional give you that just from the stylist “do”.  No cuts.  No color (as the slogan goes).  Just a wash and fabulous blow out for a fabulous price.   Immediately, I can think of at least four good reasons to make an appointment and show your locks some love.

One:  If you’re a bride attending a shower in your honor, schedule an appointment in the morning for your hair to be professionally washed and styled before heading off to your event.   The photos you take with your friends are family are sure to be treasured, and you’ll have perfect all-day hair.

Two:  The Dry Bar also hosts parties.  Why not have a girls night out or even a Bachelorette Party start with a blow out, followed by some fun in the city with your best girlfriends.

Three:  You’ve got a hot date with your fiance or boyfriend.  Enough said.  😉

Four:  Well, maybe just because it’s Wednesday and you want a little pick me up.  Whatever the occasion, you’re sure to look fabulous when you walk out the door.

Even if you don’t have a Dry Bar near you, but you want a little extra style for a special occasion,  and you aren’t quite due for your regular appointment with you stylist, you can still schedule a blow out with her (or him) to give your locks a little “umf” for your big event.   So either way, you’re only a blowdryer away from fabulous hair.