I get a lot of questions from newbies in the wedding world or people who are considering making the leap into this industry, which I love. Being a part of someone’s wedding is a huge responsibility, one I think many people take a little lightly. Forget about the extreme emotions and expectations that come along with this day and consider that this is likely to be one of the most significant investments a couple will make in their lifetime. You will be a part of lifelong memories and if you’re like most people drawn to this world, you want those to be happy ones…better than happy…ones that make them well up for years and ideally think of you when that happens. I know the best compliment I can get is when I get a letter from my couples on their anniversaries thanking me for creating such an amazing day with them. That’s when I know I’ve made an impact. But, I digress. These occasional postings will be for all of you who have been thinking about or have recently made the commitment to the wedding industry. I can’t promise I will post regularly, but as questions hit my inbox, I learn a new lesson or am reminded of an old one, I will share any relevant insight here for all of you. So, if anything’s on your mind simply email me at beth@bethhelmstetter.com or leave a comment below. I’m an open book.

Photo from M&C Villa Sevillano wedding by Samantha Cabrera